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New to the job- Catherine Love

New to the job is a feature where we meet people from across the sector who have taken on a new role. If you want to take part email [email protected]rg.uk

Catherine LoveWhat is your name?

Catherine Love

Where do you work and what do you do?

Bron Afon–  Director of Customer Experience

Why did you choose a career in housing?

Making the move to the housing sector was largely influenced by a number of personal experiences where I saw the difference a safe place to call home made, and also seeing the terrible consequences when it’s not there.  I’ve worked in the public sector for many years either in local government or as part of a government-sponsored organisation,  and always been motivated by a need to tackle social injustice and inequality.  Right now that feels more important than ever.

What is the most important thing you have you learned since starting your career in housing?  

Well I’m only two months in so it’s very early learning… but it is the importance of prioritising building relationships and networks across organisations and with partners and tenants, leaseholders and communities.  As the newbie I have a golden opportunity to listen to what people think and use that to help plan what comes next.

What advice would you give someone applying for a job in housing?

II didn’t let the fact that I didn’t have a background in housing hold me back and focused on the skills and experience that I felt really lent themselves to the role and to Bron Afon as a whole.  Also don’t be afraid to show your human side, let the passion and enthusiasm come through

Where would you be working, if not in housing?

It would have to be something in the public sector or charity/voluntary sector

What motivates you?

As I mentioned earlier, tackling social injustice and inequality gives me a lot of energy.  So does the belief that we need to get better at earning trust through delivering better experiences and getting more right first time.  Plus I enjoy helping people and organisations achieve great things and make a difference, and that really does mean that no two days are ever the same for me in Bron Afon.

What do you do to relax?

Not sure I recognise the concept with a large family featuring two teenagers, a puppy and an exciting job. When I get the chance reading, cooking and seeing friends.

Proudest moment?

That is a difficult one as I have many proud moments as a mum, auntie, sister, wife and colleague.  I never cease to be amazed at the capacity the people have around me to do pretty incredible things.

Most embarrassing moment?

I have so many!  I prefer not to dwell and find the funny side – or learn a lesson

What was the last film you watched and how did you rate it?

It was the Avenger’s Endgame and it was brilliant.

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